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We Are Not Your Average Moving Company!

One way you can tell that we're not your average moving company is that we don't charge like they do. We will never pressure you over the phone and we are always upfront and clear about our prices. We let you make the important choices affecting your move.

Plus, we don't have mysterious additional fees like other movers - no cancellation fees for less than 24 hours of notice, no date change penalties, no additional charges for flat screen TVs (though curved TVs do require additional insurance), and local moves within 24 minutes of our office are FREE.

While there is no charge for same-day cancellations, you will be responsible for the first hour of your moving charges. A case-by-case precious item charge may be applied to certain items, like curved TVs and Big Green Eggs.

At Muscled Up Movers, we work 7 days a week and we don't charge extra fees for weekend moves.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

  • We don't charge for multiple stops or drop offs.
  • We don't charge for certain packing supplies, bubble wrap, or stretch wrap (boxes are not included).
  • We don't send boys - we send men who are athletes.
  • You choose your own start time (for all three-hour minimum moves).
  • We don't charge to drive to or from your location, as long as you're within 24 minutes of our office.
  • We work on Sunday for no extra charge.
  • For morning moves, we only offer three-hour minimum moves.
  • For after lunch moves, we only offer two-hour minimum moves (this will follow a morning move). Afternoon move times are not guaranteed but we can provide a tentative time frame for the move start.
  • For one or two items to be moved, you will only need a one-hour minimum move that must follow a morning move. Heavy items like pianos and safes are excluded.

Our Prices Depend On Various Factors

  • For two muscled men with a truck, tools, dollies, bungees, stretch wrap, and pads, the hourly rate will be $115 per hour 7 days a week.
  • Additional movers will come with a charge of $35 per hour (for each mover). For example, three men would be $150 per hour, four men would be $185.
  • If you are moving from a 3rd floor apartment, we do not charge extra. However, we do these moves with a dedicated crew. If a freight elevator is available, this does not apply.
  • Moving can be extremely risky and heavy to move items with extra weight, any items over 400 pounds will have a heavy item fee of $75 an item. These items include but do not exclude gun safes, hot tubs, pianos, and anything additional that can weigh over 400 pounds and requires three or more men. This is to cover the property, the surrounding items, as well as the health care of our men's well-being.
  • As time progresses new aged items evolved much like green eggs, curved televisions, and extremely rare and fragile antiques. For Muscled Up Movers to absorb the risk of these items we are required to charge a specialty item fee of $150.
  • As the rising cost of supplies gradually increase all of our moves will have a $5 flat one time fee to cover supplies and tools for each move performed. This includes & covers four different types of dollies to faster move your furniture, stretch wrap to protect your furniture, 60 moving blankets to better protect your furniture and walls, complete tool sets to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, floor runners to protect your floors & door jambs to protect your doors ways.

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