We are not your average moving company, nor do we charge like them! We do not pressure you over the phone, we are upfront on our prices and let you make your choice. We also do not have fees like other moving companies. For example, we do not have a cancellation fees if you cancel within 24 hours, no penalty for changing your moving date, no additional fees for flat screen TVs (curve tv’s do require additional insurance). For local moves within a distance of 24 minutes of our office.

If you do same day cancellation, customer is responsible for 1st hour of their moving charges.

We do work 7 days a week, without additional fees for weekends.

We also stand out because:

  • We do not charge for multiple stops or drop off locations.
  • We do not charge for packing supplies, bubble wrap, or stretch wrap: Boxes are not included.
  • We do not send boys; we send men who are athletes.
  • We let you pick your start time (for all three hour min. moves).
  • We do not charge to drive to or from you, as long as your location is within 24 minutes from our office.
  • We do work on Sunday at no extra charge.
  • If you choose a morning move, we only have a 3-hour minimum.
  • If you choose an after lunch time move, we only have a 2-hour minimum, it will follow a morning move. Keep in mind the time for the afternoon move option is not guaranteed, but we will provide a tentative time frame on when your move will start.
  • If you have only one or two items you need moved, it is only a 1 hour minimum, and it will have to follow a morning move. This excludes heavy items like pianos, safes, etc.

Our rates depend on the number of men and equipment you require, such as:

  • For two Muscled Men with a truck, tools, dollies, bungees, stretch wrap and pads, your hourly rate is $115 an hour 7 days a week.
  • For each additional mover there will be a charge of an additional $35 per hour (for example: three men would be $150 an hour, four men would be $185 an hour etc).
  • If you are moving from a third floor apartment we do not charge extra, however we do these with a dedicated crew. If there is a freight elevator, this does not apply.
  • For two Muscled Men without a truck, your hourly rate would be $90 an hour and an additional $35 an hour per mover as mentioned above.
  • For additional questions, please feel free to contact us any time by phone on 256-320-2429256-320-2429.

Muscled Up Movers also offers NO TRUCK moves, this includes packing services, loading or unloading furniture and rearranging furniture within the home.

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