Muscled Up Movers was created to invest our strengths and capabilities into our employees and community. We at Muscled Up Movers, want to be the best option for your family and company in Northern Alabama. Through continuous training, following our mission and sticking to our values we hope to always be the company you call for your move.

Muscled Up Movers will strive to provide excellent residential and commercial moving services. We will provide great customer service from the time you call to the end of your move. We will hold up to your expectations and show our passion and integrity as we serve others with our strengths.

Muscled Up Movers is here not to do what is easy, we here to do what is right. We are here to use our God given strengths to help those with or without the same capabilities. We are here to embrace the hurdles not because it is required of us, but because it grows our strength and makes us stronger.