Muscled Up Movers would like to help you supply your upcoming move with our box options, materials, and free delivery options. We offer a wide variety of moving supplies from our choices below please order the supplies you need by phone through a representative and we do free deliveries on Tuesdays. If you would like to choose an option to come by and pick up materials and any other day please feel free to do so.

Box type and size Sell price
Small 16x12x12 $2.50
Medium 18x18x16 $3.00
Large 24x18x18 $4.00
Ex Large 22x21x22 $4.50
Picture Box (4 pieces for complete set) $10.00 (set of 4)
Wardrobe 24x20x34 $15.00
Wardrobe bar $ 1.00
Packing Materials Sell Price
Paper bundles (50 Sheets per Bundle) $5.00 Per bundle
Bubble Wrap 48’’ x 375’ (1 Role) Large $45.00
Bubble Wrap 24’’ x 125’ (1 Role) Medium $30.00
Bubble Wrap 24’’ x 100’ (1 Role) Small $28.00
Bubble Wrap 24’’ x 75’ (1 Role) $27.00
Edge board protectors (2x2x3) $6.00 (x4)
Packing peanuts 14 cubic feet bag $30.00 a bag
Clear Tape 48MM x 100M $2.00
Stretch wrap 18’’x1500’ 70 gauges $20.00
Dish pack dividers Kit $13.00
Glass dividers Kit $11.00
Mattress bags (Twin or Full) $6.00
Mattress bags (Queen or King) $7.00
Moving blankets $12.00
Ratchets $6:00
Bungee $4:00